We’ve compiled the 18 best pieces of phone system advice from how to save money by switching to VoIP to improving your company’s image by getting an 0800 number. If you are looking for expert telecommunications advice or are considering purchasing a new business phone system, contact Network Telecom today.

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Advice for Saving Money on Business Phone Systems

1. Save on long distance charges with a VoIP phone system:

Choose a phone system that is managed in the cloud. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, also referred to as IP Telephony and Internet Telephony, uses the Internet instead of a landline to make a phone call. VoIP  lets you use your existing Internet infrastructure without having to pay extra therefore it is much more economical and usually free for making long distance calls.

2. Find out if  there are ways to lower your monthly bill:

Have a third party expert take a look at your monthly phone bills and see if there are ways in which you could be saving. Perhaps you are paying for services that you don’t use, or you may be paying for extra speed or bandwidth that you don’t really need.

3. Set up a virtual office:

Set up a phone system that will allow your workers to still be connected and yet be able to work remotely, thus taking away the need to have a traditional office space. This could be possible, depending on the nature of your business and it will save you the high costs of maintaining a physical office; costs such as rent, utilities, insurance, etc. This is a great option for businesses that don’t require a typical storefront of a place where their customers need to come.

4. Hire workers from anywhere:

Take advantage of a cloud phone system by hiring workers from anywhere in the world. Having to come to a physical location for work limits you to hiring talent within your immediate geographical area. Cloud phone systems allow you to hire part-time contract workers from anywhere in the country or the world, thus giving you access to a wide range of employees with valuable skills and resources.

5. Get expert advice about switching to VoIP:

If you are not sure about whether or not you should switch from your current landline business phone system to a VoIP system, then get some expert advice. Contact a telecommunications expert who can talk with you to learn your business’s unique requirements and help you decide which choice is best for you.

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6. Choose a reliable company when purchasing:

If you are investing in a new business analog phone system, go with a reliable provider with excellent technical support. You don’t want to take chances with your communication system; it’s the lifeline of your business. Some of the top providers include Avaya, Panasonic and Nortel. If you are unsure about which one is the best for your situation, contact a company that will offer you an unbiased third party recommendation outlining the pros and cons of each option.

Advice about Choosing a Cloud Service Provider for Your Phone System

7. Check out their technical support:

Choose a cloud service provider that offers technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You don’t want your telecommunications system to ever be down, so make sure your provider is always there when you need them.

8. Make sure you will be kept up-to-date:

Choose a service provider that will keep you up-to-date with all of the most recent software and hardware upgrades. This will ensure that your business is always able to compete in today’s highly competitive market.

9. Make sure you can understand them:

Choose a service provider that can answer all of your questions in easy to understand terms without using jargon and highly technical terms.

10. Check out their reputation:

Choose a service provider that has a good reputation and can be trusted. Ask business associates for referrals of companies that they have had a good experience with. You can also check out customer testimonials online to see what people have to say about their reliability and quality of service.

Advice for Improved Customer Service

11. Get features that put your customer first:

Choose a phone system that puts the needs of your customer first. Look for features that make your customers’ experience the best it could be, such as advanced call forwarding and auto-attendant. These features will ensure that your customers will never have to be kept waiting. This will help to make them feel valued. The following video below explains how advanced call forwarding works.

12. Set up auto-attendant correctly:

Make sure your auto-attendant is set up to go to mobile devices as well as desktop phones so that when your customer calls in they will be transferred to the most appropriate staff member right away even if that person is out of the office or away from their desk. This will help eliminate unnecessary callbacks and keep your customers happy.

13.Get a 0800 number:

If you have a business with 1-100 employees and are on a smaller budget, use a VoIP telephone system and purchase a 0800 number. This will help your company seem larger and come across as more professional to your clients.

14. Quickly add additional lines as your business grows:

Any business phone system is scalable, however, if you choose a cloud-based system, you can quickly add additional virtual lines by simply asking your service provider to add them. This can be done immediately so that you will always have sufficient lines for your customers, unlike traditional landlines which take time to install and can cause a disruption to your service.

Advice for Improving the Efficiency of Your Phone System

15. Get all of your communications integrated:

Choose a phone system that is able to integrate with leading apps as well as your company’s Customer Relationship Management System (CRM system). You will then be able to have all communications such as texts, voicemails, emails, and faxes come into one central inbox. This will enable you to streamline all aspects of your customer service.

16. Choose a system that allows working remotely:

Make sure you are able to set up your phone system so that you can work from anywhere: the office, home, or while travelling. Make sure you are able to connect your cell phone with your office phone and laptop. This will make working remotely so much easier and much more efficient.

17. Integrate your staff’s calendars:

Choose a phone system that has conferencing features that allow you to set up last minute meetings in a flash. Many cloud-based systems will integrate your staff’s calendar apps so you can quickly and easily determine everyone’s availability. This will make setting up meetings for staff in multiple locations a breeze.

18. Properly train your staff:

Make sure you take the time to properly train all of your staff on all of your phone system’s features so that they will be able to make the best use of them. This will make them more efficient and it will enhance your customers’ experience. If you are unable to train them, then it would be well worth it to contact telecommunication specialists to do the training for you.

Network Telecom: Business Phone System Experts

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