7324 Nortel Model - You Can Still Enjoy Support and Hardware Integrations



If you are currently using a 7324 Nortel model telephone in your office or other Nortel phone systems or hardware, you will be pleased to learn that Avaya systems can support your legacy Nortel phones. This means that you can enjoy the latest technologies to complement your current phone system. You don’t need to completely replace your system. If you are looking for Nortel hardware training, consulting or servicing, contact Network Telecom today. Network Telecom has been an authorized Nortel partner since 1980 and now as an Avaya certified partner, you can trust us to give you expert advice and service on your 7324 Nortel system.


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Network Telecom Can Support Your 7324 Nortel Hardware

It’s been over 10 years since Nortel went out of business, so as each new year passes, it becomes more difficult to find technicians qualified and experienced in servicing Nortel products. If you require technical support for your Nortel system, contact Network Telecom. At Network Telecom, we have been servicing Nortel products for more than 38 years. We have the experience you can count on to keep your system up and running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also offer same day parts, labor and technical support.



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Get More From Your Nortel 7324

The Nortel 7324 is a powerful communication tool with numerous features that can increase both productivity and customer satisfaction for your business. Some of the many features include:

Conference Calls: You can convert any current call or held call into a conference call. If you have a held call that is a conference call, you can add another call to that call as well.

Call Forwarding: You can immediately forward call to the number you enter.

Last Number Redial: Save time by being able to redial the last number that you dialled.

Do Not Disturb: If you set your phone to “do not disturb,” then all your calls will go to voicemail if available, otherwise, the caller receives a busy signal.

Priority Call: This feature allows you to call another user even if they have their phone set to “do not disturb.” The priority call will not go to voicemail.


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Transfer Inquiry: You can put a call on hold while you make a transfer inquiry to another extension. If the person wishes to take the call, you can get them to complete the transfer.

Call Park: You can “park” a current call, assigning it a call park slot number based on your extension followed by a number indicating the parking sequence. For example, if your extension is XXX then the first call parked would be XXX1 and the second one would be XXX2 and so on up to XXX9. Any other user can pick up a parked call by entering the park slot number.

Call Timer: You can display the length of your currently connected call. After the call is complete, the total duration of the call will be shown.

Call Log: This feature lets you display your call log which shows you your number of calls, missed calls, outgoing calls and incoming calls.



Network Telecom Can Help You Get the Most from Your 7324 Nortel

With so many awesome features, the 7324 Nortel phone is often under-used. Learning how to properly implement all of these features and to properly train your staff on how to use them may seem rather daunting. Network Telecom can do this training for you. Don’t spend the extra time needed to figure out the system for yourself. Let out experienced technicians do this training for you. We can show you and your staff how you can get the most out of your phone system to help increase productivity and customer satisfaction.


7324 Nortel

7324 Nortel is a powerful phone with many great features – Image Source: Avaya



Avaya Hardware Works Seamlessly with Nortel Phone Systems

Avaya telephone system hardware is designed to integrate seamlessly with Nortel hardware. This means that if you own a 7324 Nortel model, you don’t have to retire it. You can seamlessly add Avaya hardware to your system.


Avaya Office IP Is a Great Choice for Integrating with 7324 Nortel

If you have both mobile and remote workers and are considering networking your phones in order to approve efficiency but you don’t have the budget to put in a completely new system, there’s good news for you! Legacy Nortel phones like the 7324 Nortel model can be migrated to work with Avaya IP Office to connect all of your workers. You can actually upgrade while preserving much of your initial phone system investment. Avaya can integrate your Nortel phones with IP Office by connecting them to a Nortel IP card in IP Office. Any new Avaya phones that you are adding to your system can be connected to an Avaya card.


Connect Your Digital Phones and IP Phones to the Same System and Save

Re-using your current phones will mean significant savings. Talk to Network Telecom today to find out just how much you can save. With Avaya IP Office you can connect both IP phones and digital ones together on the same system. Most of the features that are available on your legacy Nortel phones are also available with IP Office plus you will also enjoy additional features such as mobile access to messages, calling, and conferencing.

Avaya desktop phones

Combine new Avaya IP phones with your Nortel legacy devices in IP Office – Image Source: Avaya


Enjoy Easy Migration of Your Previous Configurations

Switching to Avaya IP Office is also made simple as the following configuration and media data is easily transferred to the new system meaning that you don’t have to set them all up manually.

  • Phone extensions and Users(names)
  • Greeting and voicemail messages
  • Spoken names
  • Dial Plan
  • Specifying control units
  • Converting Auto Attendant and Custom Call routing prompts


Avaya IP Office will easily transfer your configuration and media data from your previous system



Trust Network Telecom To Support Your Nortel Legacy Hardware

If you need quality technical support for your Nortel legacy hardware, trust the experienced Nortel experts at Network Telecom. We know Nortel products and can provide you with 24/7/365 service. If you are looking to have a new phone system installed or your current system updated, you can also trust Network Telecom to offer you the expert advice you require.

Network Telecom assisted us in moving and upgrading our system when we moved into a new facility. They have been with us while we grew and made additional changes.  They are there for us when needed and have provided us with our equipment and program changes. They are a great group to work with.

– Susan Lang

Network Telecom can also help you with video conferencing solutions that will meet your business’ particular needs. In addition, if your phone system is not working as it should, our trained technicians are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We carry a huge selection of parts in order to quickly solve any components issue you are experiencing. If you are having a telecommunication or networking issue, we can resolve it quickly and professionally.

In addition to our accredited and certified technical expertise, we offer:

Contact us today for all of your telecommunication questions and concerns; we’d be happy to help you.

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