Avaya Canada: Phone System and Support Services – Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph

As experienced telecom and network specialists, and providers of Avaya Canada Phone Systems, here at Network Telecom, we believe in pairing the most technologically advanced products with best support services available that cover the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph areas. Avaya Canada provides professional support for their phone system that will more than satisfy any potential customer. This means that we can feel truly confident in offering their products, knowing that product support is exceptional.

Listed below are some support factors to consider. They include: Investment Protection; Proactive Problem Prevention; Rapid Resolution, Virtual Agent Ava; Web Chat, Web Talk, Web Video; Support By Product and Total Technical Support. Contact us at Network Telecom if you are planning to install a new communications system.


Investment Protection

Installing a new communications system can be a challenging process. There are many factors to consider, including price, build quality, compatibility, innovation and more. We believe that investment protection should also be a primary factor. Their simple and automated diagnostics, support resources and support personnel are available to assist you any time you have an issue or concern.

Proactive Problem Prevention

Avaya believes in solving problems before they impact your business. For this reason we offer proactive problem prevention, rapid issue resolution, and continual solution optimization. You can rely on our sophisticated remote diagnostics to assist you in detecting developing situations that could cause you to suffer application, system or even network outages. Leverage advanced diagnostics and take proactive steps to prevent system issues with Avaya’s  Diagnostic Server. This patented product provides your organization with early warning information, allowing you to take preventative actions in order to maintain and maximize your system’s performance and availability.

AvayaRapid Resolution

No business owner wants to experience technological difficulties but if a problem does arise, Avaya believes that rapid problem resolution is a top priority. Avaya operates a support website to allow customers to access the best possible answers from more than 3,000 experts who are dedicated to providing exceptional service.

AvayaVirtual Agent Ava

Avaya’s virtual agent, Ava is available and ready to provide answers to more than 40% of your questions immediately. Simply login with your SSO account to access support. However, if Ava is does not have the solution you require you can communicate with live experts directly.

“The entire project was orchestrated with minimal telephone system down time, and the ongoing support we have received from them has been reliable and efficient.”


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Web Chat, Web Talk, or Web Video

Using the Avaya Support Website will help to accelerate access to the right expertise – the expertise you need-  via Web Chat, Web Talk, or Web Video. If your business experiences a critical event,  you won’t need to retype or repeat anything. Simply click on our Total Service Outage button for rapid connection with the Emergency Recovery Team, all within a few minutes.

Support By Product

The Avaya website offers product specific support that will quickly and efficiently resolve your issue. In addition, if you are using a mobile device, you will be taken directly to the mobile support page.


Total Technical Support

Avaya believes in the smooth operation of your network and provides the resources to make this possible. This includes 24/7 remote technical support, parts replacement, onsite support, release management, Dedicated Technicians, Client Service Managers, and more.

Network Telecom 

Avaya’s continual solution optimization provides Network Telecom customers with a significant advantage. With 3,000 service experts operating out of 30 support centres located strategically around the world, the ability to handle over 2 million service requests in 16 languages from 42 countries 24/7, and their cutting edge, technologically advanced products, you can be confident that your business communication needs are in safe hands with Avaya and Network Telecom. Contact us at Network Telecom if you are interested in finding out more about Avaya products.