Why a Business Phone System Is Important In the Digital Age


With the ever-increasing popularity of all things “Internet,” you may wonder if the business phone system will become a thing of the past. The fact is, instead of becoming obsolete, the business phone system has actually transformed into a vital and even more important tool for the success of any sized business. If you are looking to upgrade or replace your current business phone system, talk to the telecommunications experts at Network Telecom today.


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Why a Business Phone System Is Still Important


Even though businesses and individuals are moving away from traditional landline phones and phone systems, that doesn’t mean that telephony service is falling by the wayside. In fact, as of 2014, there are now more mobile devices in the world than there are people.  According to BetaNews, three out of every 4 big businesses have either partly or completely made the switch to VoIP for their telecommunications. The use of VoIP is becoming more and more widespread. We are not getting rid of our verbal communication devices; we are trading them for newer mobile devices at a very fast rate. These mobile devices make it possible for not only voice communication but video communication as well. As such, the business phone system still plays an important role in today’s digital age and is here to stay.


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VoIP business phone systems are replacing traditional landline systems


Voice Communication Is Key to the Success of Your Business

Being able to connect with your customers, suppliers, and associates through voice conversation has many advantages that other forms of communication lack.

Voice communication is much more personal:

Being able to actually speak to another person helps you to build rapport and develop a deeper relationship with them than merely communicating through emails or texts.

Voice communication helps to alleviate misunderstandings:

Written communication can sometimes be misunderstood for the simple reason that it doesn’t allow for the parties involved to have the benefit of hearing tone of voice and being able to ask clarifying or follow-up questions.

Voice communication is more immediate:

When you call someone, you are able to communicate immediately with that person and get a response or answer right away as opposed to a text or email message that can be left alone and answered at a later time. This can be a big benefit, especially for time-sensitive issues.


A VoIP Business Phone System Can Give You Valuable Features a Traditional Landline Can’t

VoIP business phone system can offer your business many valuable features that just aren’t possible with traditional landline systems. Many of these features can help your business become more competitive and save you money in today’s digital age. Switching to a VoIP system is also relatively easy and inexpensive compared to installing a landline system. You can usually plug your VoIP phones into your existing network for Internet access. Often the only additional purchase is getting phones that have VoIP capability.


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VoIP business phone systems offer you valuable features not available with traditional landlines


Use Video Conferencing for Meetings

Save time and money:

Video conferencing is a great way for you to save time and money as well as build rapport with your business associates. With video technology, you no longer need to take the time to travel to or from remote office locations in order to attend an important meeting. You can attend from anywhere in the world. This technology significantly cuts down on the high costs involved in travel and will allow you to spend your resources in other areas.




Improve your communication:

Well-known professor of psychology, Albert Mehrabian, developed a communication model called the 7-38-55 model  which demonstrates that the actual words that we say only make up a mere 7% of what is communicated while our tone, intonation, and volume of voice communicates 38% of our message and body language makes up an amazing 55% of our message. A written piece of communication cannot give you the depth of communication that a voice message can and a video conference can give you even more complete communication. A video conference is a virtual face-to-face meeting that allows you to have complete communication with all of the participants.

You do, however, need to make sure that your communication is positive during a video conference. Learn more about The Do’s and Don’ts of Business Video Conferencing to make sure that you are making the most of your meetings.


7-38-55 communication model

Non-verbal cues are key to effective communication


Transfer Calls to Any Mobile Device When You’re Away From the Office

Many businesses today have their employees working from remote locations, on the road, or at home. Having the ability to have all of your calls transferred to any mobile device means that you can stay connected no matter where you are and that you won’t be missing any important calls.



VoIP helps you Keep in touch with your customers no matter where you are


Have an Auto Attendant Answer and Direct All of Your Calls

An auto attendant is a great feature that allows you to portray a very professional, large corporation feeling, even if you are a smaller organization. The auto attendant is a digital receptionist that will answer your calls, describe a voice menu system, and allow your caller to be transferred to the appropriate extension. It is a much more professional way of answering your calls than you simply answering each one from your mobile phone.


Get All of Your Voicemails Sent to Your Email

One of the really cool and time-saving features of some VoIP systems is its ability to take a voicemail and automatically send it to your email. The email can be an audio recording or it can also be transcribed as a written email message. How often have you had to replay and replay a voice message over and over again in order to write down all of the important details? This awesome feature does the writing for you and eliminates the necessity to replay it countless times in order to get it right.


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Network Telecom Can Help You Choose the Best VoIP Business Phone System

If you need to update your current business phone system, partner with Network Telecom. They will help you choose a phone system that is perfect for your business. Whether you are looking to have a new phone system installed or your current system updated, you can trust Network Telecom to offer you the expert advice you require. Network Telecom can also help you with video conferencing solutions that will meet your business’ particular needs. In addition, if your phone system is not working as it should, our trained technicians are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We carry a huge selection of parts in order to quickly solve any components issue you are experiencing. If you are having a telecommunication or networking issue, we can resolve it quickly and professionally.

In addition to our accredited and certified technical expertise, we offer:

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