Business phone systems come with such a wide variety of capabilities, styles, options, and features that it is a challenge for any business to decide which system bests meets their needs. In this step by step guide, we will walk you through the process of purchasing a new phone system, providing you with some key points to consider. Contact us at Network Telecom if you are considering upgrading or replacing your existing business phone system.

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Define Your Company Goals

Begin by defining your company goals. Is your company in the midst of planned growth? What do you anticipate will be your staffing needs in 3-4 years? Will more of your staff be working from home, remote locations, satellite offices, etc.? As in most business plans, it is critical to plan for the future needs rather than the existing needs. Gather a team from different departments to determine what the specific needs are and make plans for projected needs.

business phone systemDetermine Your Options & Requirements

Determine exactly what are your options. Today’s systems are far more flexible than older systems. Many options are available to you. Can a traditional or digital system meet your needs, or should you be planning for a VoIP system?

Read our post entitled “Traditional vs Digital vs VOIP Telecom Telephone Lines” for more information. Take time to explore the advantages and disadvantages that specific brands offer. For example, our article entitled “Best Phone Systems For Small Businesses,” will help you to determine if an Avaya system is a good fit for your organization.

Determine The Costs Of Purchasing Business Phones And Maintaining Your New System

What will this cost the company? Examine in detail the costs involved, not only of purchasing the system but also of keeping it running. Costs will include the phones, peripherals, other equipment, installation, training, maintenance contracts and agreements, internal staff costs, and other ongoing costs.

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Find out what level of technical support the vendors offer. Good technical support is a vital part of the overall package, so don’t attempt to cut corners here. Paying more for efficient technical will pay off in the long run.

It is also important to find out whether the systems you are considering are upgradeable. If they have new products in development you may find that you wish to upgrade at least part of your system in the years to come.

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Audio ConferencingNarrow Your Choice And Purchase A System

Choose between two or three systems that seem to best suit your needs. Ask for demonstrations.  Most vendors will happily demonstrate their systems and explain the various features and options they have. Ask for references. Which other businesses have purchased their systems? If possible, arrange to meet with an organization that is currently using the system and determine their level of satisfaction with their purchase. Move ahead when you are satisfied that you have found the system that is the best fit for your organization.

Plan Your Switch

With the assistance of your new supplier, plan the changeover carefully. Some vendors will install the system as part of the sale. Others will provide the equipment but allow you to make your own installation arrangements. If you select this option, hire a reputable and experienced system installer. Many vendors or installers will work around your business hours to minimize disruption to your business. Arrange for training schedules with your staff. Put your plan into action. Time required to install a new system varies depending on the size of business and system chosen.

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