Telephone line call quality can vary and as such we frequently hear from clients who are frustrated by crackling, buzzing noises, and cutting in and out. Listed below are are the best solutions for simple phone systems experiencing some or all of these problems with links to the sources for further reading. We will examine three common problems and offer troubleshooting suggestions. If you are having trouble with your business phone lines, contact us at Network Telecom and we will help you resolve your problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

telephone call qualityCrackling and Buzzing

If you hear crackling, buzzing, pops, low hum or hissing – even when no one is talking – you are probably experiencing static interference. Static interference is usually caused by electrical interference due to a problem in the phone wiring. It can also be the result of interference from other electronic devices.


Some phone users experience echoing on their phone systems from time to time. It sounds as if their voice is being echoed back to them.  Echoes like this are often the result of voice signals that are too loud.  Electrical feedback due to problems with the phone wiring will also result in echoing sounds. Call a professional technician to resolve the problem.

Cutting In and Out

This could be best described as a choppy conversation where the voices disappear and reappear so that both parties can only hear portions of what the other is saying. These kinds of  issues are usually caused by the Internet connection. It may be either low speed or potentially filtering poorly from a router, modem or firewall. On occasion, the router or modem’s firewall can suddenly begin blocking the sound, despite there being no problems previously.

This problem can also result in dropped calls where neither party can hear each other at all, or delayed voice where it seems like there is a hesitation before the other person responds.

telephone call line qualityTrying to work with a malfunctioning telephone system can be frustrating at the least and extremely detrimental to your business if you cannot communicate properly with your customers and potential clients.

If you are suffering from poor telephone line quality, don’t try to work around the issue. If you are experiencing these types of problems, consider talking to a professional technician. He may be able to resolve the problem or recommend a higher internet speed.

Troubleshoot Telephone Line Call Quality Problems

  1. Disconnect everything from your phone line: fax, modem, other phones etc. If you still hear the noise, it may be your phone. Borrow a different phone and test it. If the sound persists,  contact a technician.
  2. If the sound has gone, add back the items, one at a time until you hear the noise. When you hear it, you know that you have found the faulty device. Replace or repair the device, or contact a technician.
  3. If a static sound is still present, try moving your phone away from other electronic devices.
  4. If all these steps fail it is time to contact a professional telephone systems technician.


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