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How to reduce landline phone bill: Now you too can discover how to reduce your landline phone bill and immediately cut down on your monthly expenses. Every business can benefit from lower costs. Discover some great tips for lowering your landline phone bill now, such as bundling your services, getting a second opinion, removing unused services, and more. If you would like expert advice on ways to cut down on your monthly costs for your business, contact the professionals at Network Telecom today.


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How to Reduce Landline Phone Bill

Discover some great ways to reduce landline phone bill and start saving right away. Your business can benefit from these cost saving measures.


Get Rid of Features You Don’t Use

Take a look at the list of features that you are paying for and decide whether or not you really need each one. There is no sense paying for a feature that you don’t use. When talking with your phone service provider, you can ask to remove your unused or redundant features so that your bill may be lowered. Keep your package simple, and only pay for the services you actually need.


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Research what other service providers are offering to help you ask for a better deal


Call Your Landline Provider and Ask if They Can Give You a Better Price

If you don’t ask, you won’t get a better price. Very few phone service providers will just automatically lower your bill without you asking them to. You need to call them up and ask for a better price. Do your research before you call so that you know what other providers are offering. This knowledge can be used as a great bargaining tool.


Don’t Settle For the Advertised Price – You May Be Able to Do Even Better

Just because a service provider advertises a special price on their website, doesn’t mean that is the absolute best price available. You may be able to get as much as 15 or 25% less than the advertised price by asking for a discount. You do have to politely and perhaps persistently ask though; you won’t just get a better price automatically.


Ask to Speak to Someone Higher Up

If the first person that you speak to doesn’t offer you a better deal, ask to speak to someone higher up or someone in their loyalty or retention department. Retention departments try to keep customers from switching to a competitor. According to NG Data, “customer retention often is faster and, on average, costs up to seven times less than customer acquisition.” Many companies try to keep the customers that they already have; it’s cheaper than trying to get new customers.


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Keep up to date with the latest deals


Look for the Best Deals Regularly

A great way to keep your business phone line costs down is to regularly check out what kind of deals are being offered. If you do your research on a regular basis, you can find out when any new deals might be starting and take advantage of them.


Bundle Your Services

Bundling your telecom services is a great way to reduce your landline phone bill. Most phone companies will offer business clients packages that combine business landlines with mobile phone plans and broadband Internet. It is important to regularly keep an eye out for new deals and discounts on bundled services as well.


Ask for a Second Opinion

There are often ways that you can save on your monthly business telecommunications bill that maybe you haven’t thought of or don’t realize. The telecommunications experts at Network Telecom can help you determine ways that you can save on monthly costs and give you a free cost reduction report that will show you your money saving options. There’s no obligation – fill out a report today!


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The professionals at Network Telecom can help you find ways to save money on your monthly phone bill


Why Landlines Are Still Important to Your Business


The Phone Is a Very Important Communication Channel with Your Customers

For most businesses, the phone is still a very important part of their success. Here are some of the reasons why:

Useful for Conversions: Phone calls often convert better than online inquiries. If a customer has taken the time to call your business, then they are probably more engaged and are more likely to buy.

Helps Lower Cost per Sale: Using the phone to pre-qualify or pre-sell to your customer will result in a lower cost per sale than dealing exclusively with them at their location.

First Line of Contact: Some businesses such as plumbers, accountants, therapists, and gardeners don’t cater to walk-in customers, so the telephone is their primary form of communication.



Phone calls often convert better than online contacts


Landlines Are Reliable

Depending on your location, you may find that your landline is more reliable than your cell service. If you use a VoIP system, you do run the risk of having a power outage, or loss of Internet service. This means that you will be without your phone service as well. You need to decide if it is worth the money that you save on your monthly bill to be out of contact with your customers for that time.

Landlines May Keep You in Business During a Disaster

No one wants to imagine the worst, but the fact is that natural disasters can strike. If you are without power for an extended period of time, due to an ice storm, hurricane, or other event, you may be very thankful you kept your landline.

Landlines Are More Secure than VoIP

Both landlines and VoIP phones are not 100% secure, however, of the two, the landline is the more secure option. Authorities can wiretap both landlines and VoIP conversations and so can hackers. But both hackers and authorities find it much more difficult to hack into and eavesdrop on a traditional landline than on a VoIP system. If security is a big concern for your business, then a landline provides a more secure option.


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