Some of you may have heard the term PBX (Private Branch Exchange) before, but understanding what a PBX is and how it works is something every phone system owner (or potential owner) should consider learning. This article will take you through both of those topics and will also introduce you to some different models and options you may have if you consider a PBX phone system. Network Telecom is an established communications business in Kitchener, Ontario with a number of products and services that will suit your needs. Click here now to contact us today!

“We recently had a new Avaya IP 500 system installed at our new facility. Since then it has worked flawlessly. It is easy to use and the PC interface is very user friendly. As a property manager, I am accustomed to bizarre excuses and missed due dates, but Network Telecom did exactly what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. Any questions that I had were answered promptly and professionally. It was a pleasure working with Network Telecom, and I would not hesitate to deal with them again.”
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Desktop PhoneWhat is PBX?

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network used within a company. It’s owned and operated by the company rather than the telephone company, even if a certain telephone company may be the service provider. It works as a telephone switching system that provides a concentration of central office lines, or trunks, and is also used in intercommunication between telephone stations within a company. Most PBX’s today are digital or run through IP technology, though they originally use analog technology. PBX’s also are generally more flexible than proprietary systems.

How PBX Works

A PBX acts as the bridge between the phone lines you have and the actual phones you have. Think of it in terms of any power bar that you may have in your household. The power bar is taking power from one source, but from that you can plug in several different electronics. A PBX runs on the same principal. It allows you to have more phones than phone lines, and it also allows free calls between users so that several people can be using the phone line at the same time. It also provides features like transferring, voice mail, call recording and more.

An IPPBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is set up differently but can offer you a number of different benefits over a digital or analog PBX. With an IP phone system, everything is routed through the existing local computer network (LAN) and the IPPBX uses the SIP protocol to communicate with the phones, gateways, and providers. The IPPBX will connect to the server and then your IP phone sets are able to connect to the server which allows for allows for internet access, VoIP communications, and traditional phone communications to take place on a single line to each user. Some of the reasons you may want to switch to an IP PBX include:

  • It’s easy to install and configure
  • High saving costs using VoIP providers
  • No more phone wiring.
  • It’s easily expandable unlike proprietary systems
  • Plenty of new phone system features while saving you money

Switching to IP PBX software is a smart move for a lot of companies, those both looking to buy a new office phone system or replace their current one. Network Telecom can provide you with all of you telecommunications needs. Click here now to contact us today!

Common Models

IP Technology ServicesAvaya IPO: The Avaya IPO (IP Office) creates a seamless engagement experience for you and your customers and employees. It’s able to range from a simple small business 5 user system to a large business with 3,000 users in a single site or up to 150 locations. It’s a great option for office workers, mobile users, teleworkers, receptionists, customer service agents and more! Avaya also has a number of IP and digital office phone models available, and also conference and wireless phone options. Contact us today to learn more about the Avaya IPO system.

PanasonicPanasonic NS700:  The Panasonic NS700 supports a slogan of “reduce costs. Increase satisfaction. Improve efficiency”, and that’s exactly what it’s capable of. Like the Avaya IPO, choosing the NS700 can help you to grow your business easily. It also has mobile phone integration which allows you to answer calls from anywhere. The NS700 is great for hospitals, office environments, and the hospitality industry. Contact us today to learn more about the Panasonic NS700.

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