How to Save Money on Office Phone Bill

Save money on your office phone bill by following these 10 simple steps. Cutting costs is a crucial part of running a successful business and we can help you find ways to save money on your office phone bill. Find out where you can find those monthly savings by reading on and if you would like some help in going through the process contact Network Telecom. We can provide you with expert telephone system advice and help you find ways to save on your monthly bills.

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How to Save Money On Office Phone Bill

Today’s business world is very competitive and companies need to cut costs as much as possible in order to stay competitive. It is important to take a look at any area in which you can save money. The following is a list of ways that you can possibly save money on your office phone bill.


1. Combine Your Phone & Internet Services In A Bundle

You can save a considerable amount of money by combining your phone and Internet services into a bundle, often 10% or more per month. If you eliminate your traditional landline service and switch to a VoIP system, the savings can be incredible. Read about your rights when signing and cancelling a fixed term wireless contract in Ontario here. To find out more about what VoIP is and the advantages and disadvantages of using it, read our article “What is VoIP”.

How to Save Money On Office Phone Bill

2. Examine Your Extra Cost Features

Take a close look at all of the extra cost features that you are currently paying for and decide whether or not you are using all of them. For example, do you really need call waiting, caller ID, or call forwarding? If not, then you should have them removed.

3. Get Quotes Based On Your “Must-Have” Features

Take the time to know which phone features are essential to your business and ask providers for quotes based on those features. Some of the most common features that most businesses require include:

4. Implement The Use Of Alternatives To Cell Phones

Examine the cell phone usage of your employees to determine if there are times when inexpensive or free alternatives such as Skype or Google Hangouts could be utilized. Encouraging the use of these types of programs that use WiFi to connect can be a great way to lower your company’s monthly cell phone bill.

cell phone and laptop

5. Replace Faxing With Scanning & Email

You can do away with your fax machine and all of the costs associated with it. Today, most documents that in the past needed to be faxed can be safely scanned and then sent by email. This will also cut down on the amount of paper and toner you use as the incoming email can be viewed on-screen and doesn’t have to be printed off from your fax machine.

You may find that on rare occasions, someone may not accept an email fax (perhaps for some legal documents) and they require that you fax them a document. There are some virtual fax options available online that you can access for this purpose, such as GreenFax. GreenFax is a send-only, pay-as-you-go service that charges only 7 cents for the first page and then 5 cents for each additional page. For a list of other faxing options, click here.

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6. Review Your Phone Bill Regularly

The vast majority of businesses set up their phone system and then never think about it again. It is a good idea to take a look at your current service package at least once a year and compare it to what other companies have to offer. Prices change and you often can find a much better deal than you currently have. If you don’t have the time, or would like assistance in finding the best telephone system and service for your business, contact a telecommunications specialist.

7. Look For Free Or Unlimited Long Distance Options

Some phone packages include great savings features like free North America-wide long distance or unlimited long distance. These features can be worth it if your business does a lot of long distance calling. However, if your company is more localized and your long distance calling is limited, then signing up for a package like this might be more expensive for you than if you just paid for the actual long distance calling that you do. It is helpful to analyze your monthly long distance calling practices to decide whether or not this is a feature that will benefit you.

8. Don’t Get Locked In

Beware of contracts that lock you in for a number of years and then charge a fee to get out of that contract. Ask lots of questions to make sure that there are no hidden fees for cancelling and that the rate that you are quoted is the price that you are going to be paying, with no surprise extras.

read the fine print

9. Read The Fine Print

Carefully read through all of the fine print on any contract that you sign. Watch out for any yearly rate increases that may be listed which will increase the low price that you thought you were getting. Check to see if there are also installation fees that are not included in the quoted price as well.  All of these extra fees could end up making your costs much higher than what you originally thought they would be.

10. Get Expert Advice

If the task of going through all of the above steps seems daunting or you simply are too busy and can’t find the time necessary to do it yourself, why not get an expert to help you? Network Telecom has a team of telecommunication professionals who can take a look at your current business telephone situation and recommend ways to help you save and/or improve your service.


How Can Network Telecom Help?

Network Telecom can solve any small business phone systems problem you may be having. Whether you are looking to have a new phone system installed, or your current system is not working as it should, our trained technicians are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also carry a huge selection of parts in order to quickly solve any components issue you are experiencing. If you are having a telecommunication or networking issue, we can resolve it quickly and professionally.

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