Smiston Communications Kitchener is now Network Telecom! Smiston Communications was a well-known telephone company name in Ontario for 30 years. However, the company re branded in January 2009. The change took place because the original Smiston name was a combination of family names. These were the names of the original founders who operated the business for many years but eventually sold the company in the early 1990’s. As Network Telecom we are delighted to continue to assist you with your communication requirements  – contact us now.

Smiston Communications Kitchener History

Smiston Communications began life in 1979, when the CRTC announced the deregulation of telephone equipment, which was the evolution of Interconnect phone companies.  Prior to that, every business rented their phone lines and equipment solely from Bell Canada.  The deregulation allowed customers to purchase their own phone system, by using the dollars saved by no longer having to pay monthly rental to Bell. This change introduced by the CRTC allowed companies to make payments towards the purchase of their own company asset rather than simply a rented product.

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A Season Of Change

In  2009 it was decided to change the business name to Network Telecom in order to more accurately reflect the various business activities.

Smiston Communications Kitchener is now Network TelecomDespite the name change, it has been business as usual at Network Telecom. Many of our current team members were previously part of the Smiston Communications team that provided superior service in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph region for many decades.

Even the business phone number remained the same, providing a link of continuity to the past. Rediscover our commitment to customer satisfaction – contact us for your telephone network needs.

“The entire project was orchestrated with minimal telephone system down time, and the ongoing support we have received from them has been reliable and efficient.”

Angela B.,


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Our knowledgeable staff  have acquired decades of experience working with all aspects of business telecommunication technology. Despite all of the ongoing innovations and changes the information age bring us, we have endeavoured  to consistently be the best possible solution for all of your business telecom needs.

It is our  number one goal to provide unparalleled purchase support and technical service in the communications  industry. Network Telecom operates in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph region.