Conference PhoneVideo conferencing is becoming the norm for a lot of businesses today. It’s an incredibly convenient way to meet with potential clients or co-workers in other locations while saving money on transportation costs.

Throughout this article, we will give a general overview of Avaya Scopia® video solutions, and explain the value Scopia® solutions have to offer. At Network Telecom we offer Avaya Scopia®, a professional quality video conferencing solution. If you’d like to learn more about Network Telecom before we get started you can click here now.

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General Overview of Avaya Scopia®

Avaya Scopia® offers you both real-time conferencing and scheduled conferencing with video client software for PC’s, iPhones and iPads as well as pull through for Avaya collaboration and data networking. It also supports both H.323 and SIP-based video conferencing solutions which enable you to interoperate with what your customers or business partners may already have in place. Scopia® also uses scalable video coding (SVC) to ensure that you have the highest quality experience in your conference call. SVC video technology allows for conferencing devices to both send and receive video streams that are multi-layered, which provides for a much higher degree of error resiliency and video quality without using a higher bandwidth.

Another advantage of using Avaya Scopia® video conferencing solutions is how simple and easy it is to us. Avaya understands that these are not products that are going to be used every day, so it became a priority that their solutions are easy and intuitive. As mentioned before, Scopia® allows for you to use devices such as smartphones and tablets to do your video conferencing, no matter where you are. You can learn more about Scopia® by visiting this page.

Below are some of the products currently included in the Scopia® line-up:

  • Avaya VideoScopia® XT Telepresence
  • Scopia® XT5000 Room System
  • Scopia® XT4200 Room System
  • Scopia® XT Meeting Center Room System
  • Scopia® Firewall Traversal
  • Scopia® Control
  • Scopia® Desktop Video Conferencing
  • Scopia® Mobile HD Video Conferencing


Why choose Avaya Scopia®?

1. Mobility

Avaya Scopia® offers cost-effective, 1080p high-definition easy to use solutions for users with iPhones, iPads, and Android Smartphones and tablets.

2. Simplicity

The enterprise video structure and endpoints of Avaya Scopia® will be integrated with the Avaya Aura® UC platform which creates a differentiated solution that will speed adoption of  video collaboration.

3. Easy To Operate Video

The Scopia® video product line and expertise deliver scalability that is intuitive and easy to operate.

4. An Opportunity To Expand Your Business

Scopia® provides you with the best solutions to easily conduct video conferencing with employees, customers, business partners and others. You are able to do so anywhere and at any time meaning that response times will be cut down and your accessibility as a company will open resulting in happier customers and workers.

If you would like to learn more about Avaya Scopia® video conferencing solutions contact one of our experts at Network Telecom. We would love to talk to you about some possible video conferencing solutions that may be perfect for you. Click here now to contact us today!

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