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Network Telecom is a VoIP specialist that is based in the Kitchener, Waterloo area, Cambridge, Guelph area. We are recognized for our ability to offer consultation, installation, and maintenance of VoIP systems. Specifically, we offer unbiased 3rd party recommendations outlining the pros and cons of both analog and VoIp technologies.

VoIP systems can offer significant advantages over traditional phone systems. As as system provider, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge, reliable technology to enable you to connect with your staff and clients in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner. Listed below is information regarding our services provided, free consultation, a brief summary of VoIP vs Analog, vs Digital, a video, and a hardware summary.  Contact us for assistance with your VoIP system.

“You have been forward thinkers, always keeping us up-to-date with the latest telecommunication equipment.”

Bob S. of Diversco on Network Telecom

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Services Provided

At Network Telecom, we provide a wide variety of services including:Avaya-9504-phone-360x280

  • IP Telephone Services
  • Wireless Technology Services
  • Analog and VoIP Services
  • Cabling Solutions
  • Video Conferencing Services
  • Paging/PA systems
  • Telephone Systems
  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Peripherals

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Free Consultation

If you are currently having trouble deciding whether Analog or VoIP voice lines are better for your business, then let us assist you by providing an unbiased 3rd party recommendation. Our market knowledge, technical skills, and years of experience allow us to outline the pros and cons of each option. In addition, we provide various types of hardware that function on both analog and VoIP technology.

We will do our best to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each option to you,  using simple language that any business owner can understand, even if they know very little technical jargon. With our help, you can determine which type of system is best for your organization. We have many customers on both technologies so we have a very good grasp on what each technology is best for, and when.

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Summary of VoIP vs Analog vs Digital

The differences between these systems can have a huge impact on your business and business bottom line. Here is a brief summary of the differences. Read this blog for more information.

Analog systems have been around for decades. They are built on copper and are reliable and have good voice quality, but the really only include the basic features found on a home phone. They have limited options for upgrades, but are relatively inexpensive to buy. Support, however, is more expensive as a professional technician is usually required in order to make even small changes.

Digital systems are more modern and can provide features such as music on hold, VoIP integration, and alarm systems. Today’s systems often offer an IP interface on the controller. These systems allow features such as voicemail delivery to email, fax delivery to email, voicemail transcription to SMS, click-to-dial, and a desktop client.

VoIP Systems are the most modern and technologically advanced of the three and can be integrated with digital systems. They work by sending small packets of data which are transmitted over the internet. They are best suited for medium to larger sized businesses and are very portable. VoIP systems can work anywhere that an internet connection can be made, allowing cell phone users to maintain contact even via Skype or other similar applications.

Watch the following video to get a basic understanding of how VoIP works.

Hardware Summary

Many of our branded products are capable of VoIP. We sell, service, and maintain most top brands including Avaya, Panasonic, and other makes. Click here for a full list of the brands we carryContact us for more information, and assistance in choosing the right system for your business.voip


The purchase and installation of a new telephone network system can be a significant investment, and the selection process can be intimidating, especially for a smaller business. That is why we stand ready to assist and advise you throughout the process and will provide superior after-sales service that is second to none. Contact us for your next telephone network solution. We cover the Kitchener – Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas.


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