Web conferencing and video meeting technologies are both highly productive tools used by businesses across the globe in order to achieve greater levels of productivity and connectivity with their employees, consultants and clients. Network Telecom provides business telecom and consulting solutions for businesses across Canada, with a particular focus in the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph. Contact us today to speak to a telecom expert about your business needs.

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Telephone SystemsWeb Conferencing Solutions

Web conferencing can be used to connect anywhere from two people to dozens in a single meeting. Web conferencing utilizes the internet instead of traditional telephone lines in order to transmit data across the globe. As such, web conferencing can be used everywhere that there is internet access. Many workplaces employ web conferencing to meet a variety of needs:

  • Real-time communication via VOIP and SIP calling standards
  • Text chat with other employees
  • Conduct web seminars to a wide range of viewers
  • Present/share files, photos and videos

Video Meeting Solutions

Video ConferencingVideo meetings are a subset of web conferencing. The simplest video meetings utilize a device’s webcam in order to transmit video of 1-3 people to another device. Beyond that, video meeting hardware and software can become very elegant in order to meet the needs of businesses who value collaboration and quality. Video meeting solutions can be installed that can transmit crisp HD quality video of a wide range of staff, as well as capture audio from all parts a conferencing room.

Network Telecom offers a wide range of video conferencing solutions, ranging from simple setups to advanced technology. Learn more.

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Network Telecom also provides business with a wide range of other telecom solutions, including:

Our team of staff is highly knowledgeable and able to assist with any telecom decision.

The entire project was orchestrated with minimal telephone system downtime, and the ongoing support we have received from them has been reliable and efficient.


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