“What is VoIP?” In the following article we will answer your questions by providing a definition, a brief explanation of how VoIP works, and how it can improve your organization’s ability to  communicate. For many small business owners, technology is advancing so rapidly that they find it hard to keep up with the terminology.  At Network Telecom, we are experienced in making complex technological terms easily understood.  Click here to contact us today!

Analog vs VoIPWhat is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is simply a way to transport data over the internet from one communicator to another. The technology is so innovative that it is radically changing the way that our traditional phone systems work, and providing us with the opportunity to view business communications differently. VoIP technology is becoming increasingly popular with private home owners, small businesses, large organizations, governments and -quite frankly- anyone who wishes to communicate in a reliable, secure and effective manner.

VoIP Telephony

Telephone sets that are specifically designed for use in a VoIP system allow the user to communicate by using VoIP technology, over the internet. They can do this without using a personal computer but an internet connection is required. VoIP phones may look very similar to traditional phones but they use RJ45 ethernet connectors instead of the standard RJ11 connectors. In this way, a VoIP phone connects directly to the router.

VoIPHow Does It Work?

VoIP technology takes standard telephone audio and converts it into a digital signal. In this format the information can now be sent over the internet. Once it reaches its destination, it is converted back into standard telephone audio. Over time, it is likely that all the traditional current circuit-switched networks will be replaced with the far more advanced packet-switching technology that is a feature of VoIP. The technology is more efficient because it sends only packets of data (your voice) and not all the extra dead air that occurs in a conversation.

What is VoIP: Service Quality

Although public internet phone calling uses the internet for connecting phone calls, most businesses and organizations take advantage of IP telephony to use their private, managed networks. This allows them to meet specific voice quality and security standards. On these types of networks, the services are at least equal, and in many cases better, than traditional phone systems.

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Benefits Of VoIP

Although the benefits of VoIP technology are numerous, the most important one is that phone costs drop dramatically. This is because the technology does not use the existing telephone infrastructure which is expensive to build and maintain. Furthermore, you can use the internet as provided by your existing internet supplier,  thus eliminating the need for a separate phone charge.

In addition to lowered costs, you benefit from an exceptionally flexible system.

  • Your phone system goes where you go. If you have access to a broadband connection, you can use your VoIP system. This means that you can stay in touch in a hotel room or if you are visiting family or friends. No cell phone is needed, your customers simply call your existing business number.
  • Your laptop works as a phone. If you have headphones with a microphone, or microphone on your laptop you can send and receive calls through your computer. Again, you avoid costly cell phone charges if you are making calls in this way.

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